Limousine with driver in Fiumicino…

The Shuttle and Go  company has been giving VHWD ( Vehicle Hire With Driver ) services in the city of Rome and suburbs from more than 34 years. Our  vehicle hire with driver services gives the opportunity to move around the Roman area as a taxi use but whit the possibility  to access to a whole range of luxury cars for assure the moves of our clients.

Thanks to our experience we can offer a vehicle hire with driver service able to satisfy every mobility and logistic request, with a whole range of luxury cars and low prices. We made professionalism and courtesy our warhorse, all our experience in the vehicle hire with driver service is available to our clients.

Our vehicle hire with driver services is available every day including holidays,  for moves into Rome or transfers from/to Fiumicino airport. Fiumicino airport is one of the most important steps for the professional that use to travel and needs to move around the city of Rome. You can use our service like a taxi one for ranch meeting points. With our train service Rome you can ranch the most important Rome’s train stations (Termini/Tiburtina) shortly, ideal for business trips.

The car rental service is also recommended for job meetings, corporate events and private events too. We use to offer transfers from/to Civitavecchia too. Our strength point is to propose a whole range of luxury cars with experienced drivers in the rental field, ready to help you. 


Transfers from Fiumicino airport to Rome city and to Civitavecchia port

For our customers we provide all our experience in the field of limousine service with driver. Our services can be requested every day including holidays, for transfers to Rome city or as a transfer to and from Fiumicino airport.

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Transfer in Rome with van and limousine car

Fiumicino airport is very important for professionals who travel for work every day and need to travel around Rome. With our service you can request a car rental as a taxi to reach meeting or conference venues.

With the Rome train service you can reach the main stations of Rome (Termini and Tiburtina) in a short time, ideal for all professionals traveling on business.

The car rental service with driver can also be useful for your business meetings, for participation in events and conferences, you can use the car rental with driver also for important corporate events, private parties and various events. In addition to covering the areas indicated, we also rent for transfers to and from Civitavecchia.

Our cars

Our service of limousine and driver with car is to provide our customers with a luxury car park that can boast expert drivers in the rental industry ready to assist you on all fronts.

If you travel frequently for work and you need to move within a new city that you don’t know the solution of a private taxi in Rome may be the right service for you. Like a normal taxi but with the comfort of a luxury car park, the car rental service with driver (NCC) works just like a normal taxi.

Just as it happens with public taxis, a chauffeur of a limousine service with driver in Rome will be able to travel the preferential lanes, will be able to enter limited traffic areas but will offer greater comfort, starting from the possibility of being able to book the service in advance, to the reliability of attentive service to the needs of each individual customer, the use of a high-level fleet, precise and established tariffs and rates not subject to traffic changes.